Pauper League: Week 4

Week Four of Pauper league at Play the Game was today.

First an announcement, to settle the issue of Prizes vs. No prizes for the “league” I recommended and I believe we decided on this: The last Wednesday of each month we’re having a tournament.  $5 buy in, store credit as prizes based on the PTGRTS prize structure.

Back to the story:

I overslept a bit so Rich and I showed up a little late. James and Corry were playing a match already so Rich pulled out Izzetpost and I unleashed a new gigadrowse-enhanced Spring Tide.     Suffice to say, Spring Tide performed fantastic, I finally have the build I’ve been searching for going 5-1 today.  A full rundown of it’s performance is here.   Next I loaned Spring Tide out to Corry and had a rematch from last week.  My Jet Blue vs. His Kiln Fiend Deck.

Jet Blue

Creatures (16)
Flying Men
Drifter il-Dal
Looter il-Kor
Cloud Sprite

Pump (8)
Unstable Mutation
Brute Force

Burn (14)
Rift Bolt
Lightning Bolt
Flame Rift
Lands (22)
10 Island
10 Mountain
Izzet Boilerworks

A straightforward, get-in-there-and-kill-you deck that will be much cooler next week due to a gift of four Cloud Pirates from Doug to replace the Cloud Sprites (Thanks Doug!).  Went 1-2.  Biggest problem was getting two-for-oned off Unstable Mutation.   Kiln Fiend probably isn’t my greatest matchup as he’s running a lot of burn and negate.  still, I felt like I was in it until the end and went 2-0 vs. the same build last week.   Need to work out a sideboard for this deck, and try again next week.

Also, new player Drew showed up again this week.  He still doesn’t have a pauper deck, but is running a pretty low power causal elf deck.   I put Affinity up against it and won despite a very slow start.   Ran over the deck with pestilence due to him not drawing a second land until turn six.  Turns out he was running  32 lands in a ~120 card deck.  I borrowed his deck then, and shrunk it down to sixty cards, trying to explain the idea of a mana curve.  Then played against it with my “Wurm” Deck (the lowest power deck I have built) and I was slaughtered 0-2.

The 'Wurm' Deck

Lands (22)
16 Forest

Ramp (16)
Llanowar Elves
Fyndhorn Elves
Skyshroud Elf
Utopia Sprawl

Wurms (8)
Aurochs Herd
Yavimaya Wurm
Krosan Tusker

Burn (14)
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Axe
Rolling Thunder

After that it was time for me to go.   Looking forward to next week.

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