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U/G Infect

One of the local comic ships (Cloud City) has somewhat recently started running Magic: the Gathering events.   One of which is a weekly Pauper Standard tournament.

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Pauper: Week 6

Very little to report, spent the morning cleaning house so I was late showing up, and I needed to pick up Crystal from work so I only played two matches (both against Sean, one of the new guys)

Won 2-0 with MGA versus his not-quite-pauper Chandra dual deck mod, then showed him Spring Tide and went another 2-0

Tournament next week.

Pauper: Week 5

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Pauper Deck: Goblins

Alright, Joe’s been running a Goblin deck since we started the league, and it seemed good so I didn’t feel the need to build a version.  Then I was looking at some Empty the Warrens decks and saw Goblin War Strike

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Pauper League: Week 4

Week Four of Pauper league at Play the Game was today.

First an announcement, to settle the issue of Prizes vs. No prizes for the “league” I recommended and I believe we decided on this: The last Wednesday of each month we’re having a tournament.  $5 buy in, store credit as prizes based on the PTGRTS prize structure.

Back to the story:

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Pauper League: Spring Tide

Week 4 of pauper league at Play The Game Read the Story (For those who don’t know what Pauper is: go here)

My new deck this week was Spring Tide.  Last week I had brought one of many proto versions I had been toying with the past couple months, but this week’s version benefitted from two major revalation.  1) Merchant Scroll is in fact common, and 2) Gigadrowse is nuts.

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M:tG – Pauper Overview (and league information)

What is Pauper?

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