Pauper: Week 5

Pestilence vs Rich’s BW Pestilence.

Game one went loooong.  Decks full of life game; lost to guardian of the guildpact.

Game two, sided in Edict, wrench mind, and tendrils for spinning darkness, dark ritual and crypt rats. Tendrils was a dumb choice, it doesn’t gain anything for me. Rats could have at least swung back if I kept pestilence off the table. Destroyed second game to a resolved COP: black

Need a way to deal with COP

Goblins vs. Izzetpost

First game went quick, stuck double goblin lookouts and 3 War Marshals, swung for 25. Second game went long, finally won after sticking a war marshall with three other goblins into Goblin War Strike, War Strike, Goblin Grenade.  Got lucky, Rich never drew a Cloudpost or Expedition Map, although he did side in hydroblast which he drew three of


Correy played his Pauper Jund vs. Aaron’s Legacy

Affinity destroyed Correy (as expected)  I passed Aaron a Pauper Affinity deck and it was slightly more even.

New Kid Phil stopped by.  He said he had really good results with the pared down 60 card elf deck we built last week, winning his last 6 games.   But he added some more cards in, making it a 164 card deck.

Seriously, the #1 bit of deck building device I can give, the one thing that must have been implemented before any other advice can help you is play 60 cards.   Not 61, not 62, not 164.  60 cards (plus a 15 card sideboard).  The fewer cards you have, the more often your most powerful cards will turn up.

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