Pan Fried Chicken with Oreo Breading

 If you are not a regular reader of SMBC then please read this first.

Challenge accepted Mr. Weiner.

As I don’t own a dutch oven, I will be pan-frying instead.


Chicken Breasts (as many as you’d like)

Oreos (a few)

Egg (just one)

Flour (some)

Oil (something with a high smoke point, I used vegetable oil)


Pound your chicken.  (about 1/4in thick)  I usually put the chicken in a ziploc bag and hammer away.  Wax paper would also work.  You do want something or your pounder will tear the chicken.

Dredge in Flour, then egg, then crumbled oreos.  (I decided to go whole-hog and crumble full oreos with cream, your milege (and arteries) may vary)

Heat some oil and fry your chicken.   The trick here is to not flip your chicken anymore then you have to or you’ll lose the breading. Cook for 1-2 minutes then flip.


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