U/G Infect

One of the local comic ships (Cloud City) has somewhat recently started running Magic: the Gathering events.   One of which is a weekly Pauper Standard tournament.

 I’ve entered twice now: going X-0 the first time over three rounds (no game losses) and winning the tournament, and going x-0 the second time over four rounds (one game loss) splitting the final round (although, in the interest of full disclosure I played it out for fun and lost 1-2)

I played the same deck both times (with a minor change to the sideboard)

It was  created by KFG_EaterOfWorlds over at PDCMagic.com (probably the best site for Pauper metagames/decklists)

U/G Infect

Creatures (28)
Blighted Agent
Corpse Cur
Glistener Elf
Ichorclaw Myr
Rot Wolf

Spells (10)
Leeching Bite
 Vines of Vastwood
Lands (22)
Teetering Peaks
Terramorphic Expanse
Soaring Seacliff

Sideboard (15)
Pistus Strike
Nature’s Claim
Relic Crush

I don’t remember much about the first week, except I played Rich Owens in the last round.  I think he was playing Bant Tokens? Also, I sided the 2 Dispel in every game.  I still don’t think I want to run more than two main deck, but they are useful against most decks.

The second week (there was actually a week inbetween that I skipped, the first tournament being  7/27 and the second tournament being 8/10) I modified the sideboard slightly, removing a Nature’s Claim and the Relic Crush in favor of 2 Negates.

First round I played a Bant Token build that unfortunately never got off the ground at all game one, and not quite fast enough game two.

Rounds two and three were versus GR infect.  My one game loss was round two to some severe mana screw (completely my fault for keeping a sketchy hand after winning game one) but in general the pseudo-mirror matches haven’t been giving me a problem.  GR infect just doesn’t seem to have the staying power, which I why I’ve gone with the more midrange UG.

In round three I was seated next to my eventual final round opponent, who was playing U/G/R infect.  We IDed the final round and split the pot. We played for fun afterwards and I lost 1-2, losing both games to Distortion Strike.

I’ve played the deck a lot on MTGO as well, and my worst matchup is probably Metalhawk.  There was someone playing Metalhawk second week, but (fortunately?) I didn’t play him.

All in all, I like the deck, and I don’t think I want to change anything about it.  Maybe try 3 or 4 dispels maindeck?  It’ll help versus distortion strike and the Kiln Fiend + Distortion Strike deck that Rich is building, but I’m not sure I want to slow my deck down any more.

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