M:tG – Pauper Overview (and league information)

What is Pauper?

Most basically, Pauper is a Magic: the Gathering format, where only common cards are legal.

If a card is legal in any printed set, it’s legal in pauper.  ie:  Kird Ape is common in Arabian Nights and Revised, but Uncommon in 9th Edition.   Legal in Pauper.

How do you know if a card is common?

Just check Gatherer. Gatherer is the official source of rarity information for Wizards of the Coast.

The banned list for pauper currently consists of one card: Cranial Plating and the official Wizards banned list can be found here.

Where can I play?

While most pauper is played on Magic Online but if you’re near Syracuse, NY we have a paper pauper league that meets every Wednesday at noon at Play the Game Read the Story in Carousel Mall.

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