Cooking Diary: 11/2

made Strawberry and Celery Syrups, Pepperoni Quiche, and grilled a chicken breast


Syrups in Mason Jars

Strawberry Syrup:

I made strawberry syrup again, this time I took the strawberries, hulled them, added just enough water to cover and put in the blender.  Strained the liquid (about a cup) and then used that in place of the water in a simple syrup recipe (2:1 by volume Sugar and Water

Tastes greats right now, still cooling

Homemade Strawberry Syrup on Vanilla Ice Cream

Celery Syrup:

Made a simple syrup (2 cups sugar/1 cup water).  Ground 2 teaspoons celery seed, steeping about an hour, then strained.  I have one of those “gold” coffee filters which fits perfectly into a 2-cup liquid measuring cup

Syrup Draining Rig

Pepperoni Quiche:

Pepperoni Quiche

Shredded a pound of Cheddar, cut a bunch of pepperoni into thin strips (need a kitchen scale).  Added 4 eggs mixed with about a cup of milk.  Baked @ 400 degrees for 50-55 minutes.

Grilled Chicken:Pounded a chicken breast thin, added pepper directly to breast, covered with flour and rubbed.   Fried.   Good flavor, a little oily.

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