King of Math

Alright! My first randomly chosen game.

The Facts!
king of mathKing of Math by Oddrobo Software AB for Android.

This is a neat little game. Basically it’s just a speed math test. You can choose a subject area (addition, subtraction, multiplication, powers, etc.) and then you have a series of multiple choice questions in sets of increasing difficulty (ie: set one might be in the style of 2 + 1 = ? while set two might be 3 + ? = 15 and a later set might have you match an equation to another equation with the same answer).

Sets are scored based on the time taken to complete them, with three incorrect answers failing the set. Subject areas are also scored based on the number of stars you receive for each complete set (three stars per set -1 for each wrong answer).

Additionally, your overall cumulative score levels you through a medieval social hierarchy. You begin as a farmer (the farmer of math?) and move up to presumably the eponymous king.

I enjoyed this game very much. It’s not very in depth, but what it does, it does well. It reminds me a lot of the math minigames from Brain Age and I think that this game will be best played in short bursts.

The presentation is a bit basic, but nice. The navigation is clear; the art is inviting. The music is good for a speed game: it evokes a sense of urgency without becoming annoying.

If you think the concept sounds appealing, I recommend trying this out, but if the idea of unlimited math quizzes doesn’t excite you then there’s really nothing here for you.

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