Cooking Diary – 11/8

Egg Scramble for breakfast, grilled chicken with pan sauce for dinner

For breakfast I had a egg wrap.

I had some leftover onions and peppers I decided to use. Usually I just mix them in with the eggs and scramble, but I decided to sautee them this time.

It came out nicely, although I think I prefer the other method, it gives much firmer vegetables that have more of a “breakfasty” taste.

For dinner, Dan and Rich were over, so we stopped and picked up a pack of chicken breasts for dinner. Same method as last time, pepper and flour dredge.

After frying up the chicken I made my first ever attempt at a pan sauce. I deglazed the pan with a can of chicken broth, reduce to 1/3rd and added in the leftover onions and peppers from the morning.

It was good, but didn’t really have a sauce consistency. Next time I’ll make a roux first and try a little thicker sauce.

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