Pauper Deck: Goblins

Alright, Joe’s been running a Goblin deck since we started the league, and it seemed good so I didn’t feel the need to build a version.  Then I was looking at some Empty the Warrens decks and saw Goblin War Strike

The deck:


Lands! (20)
20 Mountain

Goblins! (32)
Goblin Arsonist
Goblin Bushwhacker
Goblin Lookout
Mudbutton Clanger
Mogg Flunkies
Mogg Raider
Mogg War Marshal

Damage! (8)
Goblin Grenade
Goblin War Strike

First of all, probably the biggest difference between paper and online pauper is we get Goblin Grenade.  Five damage for one mana is great in any format and really extends the midgame reach of this deck.

Pre-League thoughts: I’m running Mudbutton Clanger over Goblin Cohorts.  I figure since I’m running Grenade and War Strike, that I’d miss out on the attack requirement of the Flunkies more often than I’ll lose the bonus on the Clanger.  Lets see if I regret that call.

Also, Four Stingscourgers might be too many. I’m starting with four though because there are a ton of Cloudpost/Ulamog’s Crusher decks in the format and bouncing the crusher to swing for lethal seems like something I might need to do pretty often today.

I thought of making a Goblin Matron toolbox deck, but the goblin abilities are pretty linear and just want a bunch of goblins down.  If I want to do toolbox aggro I should stick to Slivers.

Only played one match this week, against Rich’s Izzetpost deck, and I did quite well, stuck double Lookouts and swung for 25 on one turn game one, and finally got there game two after a long attrition battle by having three goblins in play into War Strike, War Strike, Grenade.

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  1. Hey, I built a similar deck but local shops do not except Goblin Grenade. They are argue its to good, or that in MTGO its not legal, or they do pauper EVERYTHING. pauper standard, pauper extended, pauper modern, pauper legacy, pauper EDH, pauper etc. So this particular shop popularizes pauper modern but they call it peasant magic.

    I was loving this format until it was butchered by all the sub types..”legacy pauper” is what i like..when explaining to new players what formats are they are ALWAYS confused and its understandable. So when saying any card with a black symbol is legit it makes it much easier but now it seems I have to explain well its modern borders anything 8th edition/mirrodin and above. But then you have to explain reprints from theme sets like elves vs goblins are not legal for modern which is confusing to those who don’t obsess over magic.

    I started a magic club at my college and I thought this format would be perfect but local card shops all have their own spin and its causing conflict…

    Are there an official efforts being made to make pauper a legit format?

    • I know that there are official Pauper events on MTGO, and the guys at Pauper Deck Challenge ( run a ton of great (unofficial) events.

      I don’t think Wizards will ever do physical events, because Pauper Magic doesn’t drive sales (which they need to stay in business), but they seem interested in supporting it online. I just hope they’ll add more Pauper filters, it’s really frustrating trying to play Pauper Standard in the rooms nowadays, as everyone joins in with a Classic deck.

      It sounds to me that the problem your store is having with rarity is that they want to conform to the Classic format. That’s fine and I can see the benefits (the overwhelming majority of Pauper games are played online in the Classic format, giving a huge amount of data to people who want to research the format) but I’m really in favor of Pauper Legacy (we call it “Paper Pauper”) precisely because it’s a different meta-game with it’s own feel.

      As an example, before Classic banned Frantic Search, Frantic Storm was THE best deck, but no one played it at all in our meta-game because Hymn to Tourach just kills it.

      So yes, I suppose Goblin Grenade is “too good” in Classic, but in Legacy, there’s enough to balance it.

      My suggestion is find about 7-10 other people in your area willing to give Pauper Legacy a go and you shouldn’t have trouble getting a shop to host an event.

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